Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to Earn Money on Internet?

You have seen lot of ads these days saying 'Earn money on internet',thousand of dollars per day with out doing anything,'work from home' and when you go through this you find that they are asking for money to buy their products and books.

Some of my friends bought such books and products having all stuff but finally they realize that it is all fraud.

I also tried to find such programs whether they really pays or not.Join lot of programs and find that very few them really pays .But for that you need lot of hardwork and time and money is just penny. ( like one blog which is telling something relevant about these programs

Dear friend final conclusion is that yes it is true that some programs pay for reading mail, reading sms ( like mginger) ,some for net surfing but money is very less and need lot of time and patience.

But be aware that 90% of programs and site are fraud , which really dont pay.So dont give your money to any such sites.

So next time when you see such ads on any site or google be aware and verify it from other public forum and search on net that whether that program is really pays or not.
But i also know few friends who are earning huge bulk of money every month , but for this they have their own website and on which they are selling various products like ebay.and got good commisions .If you have such plans then you need a good looking website and lot of visiters.
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